Gearing up for Free Listing on eBay

Today starts free listing on eBay Jan 13th through Jan 19th.  I am going to work on making as much new art as I am able to take advantage of this free listing time frame.  I will have the price on most of the new ACEOs at a lower price so that I may be able to grow a fan base.  As time goes on I should then be able to raise my prices or at least have the auction bids increase my sales.

I would like to share two of my new ACEOs I have completed.  The first one (which will be on my HootOwlArt eBay ID) is of a Barn Owl ready give give gifts to his Valentine.  The second (which will be on my FurryArt eBay ID) is of two Corgi Sweethearts exchanging Valentines Day gifts.

Owl Valentines Day

Gifts for my Valentine

Corgi Sweethearts

Sweets for my sweet

Jumping Ship – My Journey Begins

Let me formally introduce myself.  My name is Tambra.  I have a passion for Art.  I paint, draw, make animal ornaments and more.  I am a single parent and have had a fulltime job so I did my art as I was able.  I watched on the Halogen Channel the great show Jump Shipp with Josh Shipp.   He is very inspirational and helps young people believe in themselves and go after their passion and stop working a dead end job.  I have wanted to do this for so long.  Well, it turns out that fate gave me the option to jump ship.  Like most jobs I was downsized right out of a job because the hospital I worked at went paperless to the electronic medical record.  This is now my chance to be brave and jump ship and go after my passion of having my art support my son and I.  What I have done so far is have this website, I have my art on eBay under several IDs: TambraStudios, KittyCatArt, HootOwlArt, Mystery*Mansion, FurryArt, MagicalFantasy, PiggyArt (I enjoy drawing different themes which is why I need separate IDs.  It helps keep me organized).  I have some art on Etsy.  I am writing this Blog to help keep somewhat of a diary of my progress on this new journey I have started and maybe help someone else thinking of doing the same thing.  I am in the process of learning more about Twitter.  Please feel free to Tweet at me: @TambraWilcox  or leave a comment.  I would love to know what you think.  I will be blogging about what I am doing, new things I have drawn or made and please give me feedback.  Here are a few of my latest drawings:

Owl and Bee

Owl watching out for the Bee

Summer Day

The little kitten wants to be good and maybe be friends with the birdies.

Pair of Cats

Two cat silhouettes.

Cat with Redbird

What is he doing?

Cat and Lighthouse

Reflection of the day at sunset.

Island of Paradise

Cat island of love.

Drawings: Aliens with Corgis, Owls and Cats

I grew up watching Star Trek – The Original Series and their Movies. So I like a lot of Sci Fi. I decided to add some Sci Fi into my drawings:

Owl and the UFO

The Owl has never seen anything like that before flying in the night.

Corgi pups see UFO
The Corgi Pups are watching a UFO out their window.

Cat Alien Encounter

While camping the kitty cats see that they have a visitor.

Auctions on eBay and Etsy

I am doing more of my Halloween Cat Ornaments (under eBay ID TambraStudios) and Halloween Owl Ornaments (under the eBay ID HootOwlArt).  I sell them on my website and also on eBay and Etsy.  As an eBay and Etsy seller I did not like the free iPhone apps that each of them offer so my son and I decided to make our own iPhone app that does everything that their’s do not.  It is for the sellers which the other apps seem to not care as much about.  Auctions is the name of our iPhone app and with eBay you can send invoices, leave feedback, track packages in the app, revise listings after they have been listed and so much much more.  With Etsy you can actually now list an item and actually upload a photo, activate or deactivate or renew listings.  You view your very own Dashboard (exclusive to Auctions) which shows your listed items, sold, unsold, feedback, and average of your sales over the last 31 days and more. Check out all about Auctions at

Gothic Bat Cat Ornament

Gothic Bat Cat

Halloween Owl Ornament

Owl Spider Web Halloween Ornament


New Items – Classy Cat Doll Series

I have been working on more Cat Dolls. All four legs are attached with buttons for movement. You can set these beautiful Classy Cats on any desk, shelf, nightstand, mantel or coffee table. Definitely a conversation piece. The Gold eyes and mouth and Pink nose are Artist painted with 3D.

Irish Good Luck Cat

Irish Good Luck Cat

Paisley Cat

Paisley Cat

All of the things I do…


Forest Path

Forest Path in acrylics on canvas paper

I am an artist first and foremost.  I paint in Acrylics, India Ink, PrismaColor, etc on bristol board, watercolor paper, canvas, and canvas paper…  I paint ACEO size to 20″ x 24″.  I am an aspiring cartoonist.  I also am doing many other media as in making cloth dolls, ornaments in fabric, wood, needle felting etc…  I enjoy drawing and making my items mainly of animals; cats, dogs and pigs mostly.  I enjoy doing landscapes as well, especially castles and night scenes.